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From the moment I first met Melanie Gibb in the summer of 2017, I knew there was a burning passion within her to help others understand who they are, and that Jesus Christ truly loves them. I had just given an evening presentation to around 200 people at a campout in northern Utah when Melanie came up to me at the podium and started talking like we were old friends. I distinctly remember that she spoke energetically and with that charming Southern accent. She told me a bit about herself and that she loved to testify of Christ. Melanie told me if I ever got the chance, I should speak in her hometown of Mesa, Arizona. I told her I would like to do that someday, and she gave me a farewell hug. Then she and her friends walked off into the darkness, and I loaded up my truck for a long drive home to Idaho that night. Fast forward one year to June 2018. I had just finished writing my Times of Turmoil series, and I felt a strong impression to speak in Arizona about my novels. I had been to Phoenix only once before, nearly 15 years earlier, and I didn’t have a clue of how to arrange a speaking event there. Then a voice told me, “Contact Melanie Gibb.” I quickly remembered the energetic woman who had testified of Christ at the camp the previous year, and I knew if anyone could help me, she could. I got her cell number from a mutual friend, and soon we were chatting. I explained that I felt I should speak in the Phoenix area sometime in July. She laughed and said it would be blistering hot, but I somehow convinced her to see what we could do. To my delight, she called me back the next day with the idea of a combined speaking event with Arizona author Jason Mow. I thought it was a great idea, and Melanie jumped right to work to make it happen. Within a couple of days she had arranged the venue and was so helpful in every way. I greatly appreciated her generosity and positive attitude from start to finish. We had a good turnout for the presentation, and many important friendships were made that night. On the day of the event, Melanie and another friend picked me up at my hotel, and we had an enjoyable early dinner together where she told me more about the amazing journey she has been on throughout her life. It was somewhat of a surprise to realize this upbeat, happy woman had endured so many trials and seemingly endless obstacles. How did she keep a smile on her face? Then I realized it all revolved around her love for Jesus Christ. Melanie had truly been born again through the Savior. In January 2019 I had the privilege to be a guest on the new podcast that Jason Mow is hosting titled “Time To Warrior Up.” Melanie is one of the co-hosts, and we had a wonderful time recording those episodes. I have come to understand that she is a powerful warrior in her own right, and that her true gift is helping people understand their true worth as sons and daughters of God. She is spreading that message and allowing others to “feel the fire” of a burning testimony of the gospel. This book is filled with poignant, unforgettable stories from Melanie’s life that will stick with you long after you have finished the book. She is one of those wonderful people who come into our lives like a pleasant summer breeze that refreshes our souls. I’m so grateful for her example of kindness and generosity, and I know these traits will continue to expand in her life. Thank you, Melanie, for writing this book. - Chad Daybell February 2019 Gibb.

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